Nothing But Pure Action!


Peach Reviewers! 🙂 we must tell you about this amazing movie called “The Raid: Redemption”. It was first discovered on one of our team members’ Macbook application called “Front Row,” which allows you to watch movie trailers for films in theaters and unreleased projects. We discovered this action thriller back in January and couldn’t wait for it to be released in Atlanta!

The Raid: Redemption is a subtitled film that takes place in Indonesia, which is where we find our special forces team member Rama. Rama is a rookie on the force and is married with a child on the way. As the movie begins it shows different angles of him training. What Rama is training for is the mother of all raids into a 15 story apartment building thats run by a crime lord. Their goal? To successfully sneak onto the complex, break into the building undiscovered, and climb 15 stories to take down the crime lord Tama. But the stakes are raised once Rama and his team are spotted! The crime lord Tama offers lifelong residence to anyone in the building who kills them. We’re talking 15 floors of carnage!

Many of Rama’s team get taken down before they can make it halfway up the building, but Rama finds the strength and courage to press on and do what’s right. There’s a setup on both sides (the good guys & the bad guys), tons of martial arts action, and we even discover a familial tie between a member of the gang and the task force!

We loved this movie and we know you will too! We went ahead and provided the theaters where you can find this awesome film here in Atlanta:

Regal Hollywood 24 @ North I-85 (Chamblee)

AMC Mansell Crossing (Alpharetta)

Midtown Art Cinema (Atlanta)

Regal Stadium 22 @ Austell (Austell)

AMC Southlake 24 (Morrow)

Check it out ladies and gents! We promise you won’t regret it!


(The above picture is property of Sony Pictures Classics)

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