Prototype 2

Prototype 2 is the sequel of Prototype, and if you missed the first one you won’t have a problem jumping into this one because it briefs you on it. Prepare to meet your maker, Alex Mercer. Turn on him and his minions and save the infected New York City (and you’re also infected as well). Playing as Sgt. James Heller you’re running around New York City shape shifting and causing hell looking for Alex Mercer.

Venom vs. Carnage  (you may know Venom from Spider-Man). The alien symbiot that first took over Peter Parker but then later took over Eddie Brock and then he became Venom. Well that’s who your character James Heller is. He’s Venom and Alex Mercer is Carnage; two alien symbiots that can shape shift and cause damage to the world. But one doesn’t like what he is and he wants to save the world from what’s going on. The story line of the game is ok but there are too many run arounds to it. You have to shape shift into a military officer to get intel about your past and the reason why they are hunting you down, or just to find other people. Besides fighting the military, you have to fight other monsters and jump into holes to gain new powers, and fight other super human beings just like you.

Now when it comes to your powers, you only get five of them. Claws, blade arm, rock hands, whip arm, and a weird, bloody tentacle. Only 3 out of 5 are handy, but when you fight Alex Mercer you’re only going to use 2. Then you get to use guns, tanks, or the weapons on the tank and you get to use helicopters. Oh did I mention you can use people as bombs, and throw cars around? Does this game sounds familiar to you, by throwing cars and destroying the city? … oh yeah the PS2 Hulk game where you did nothing but just destroy the city. Mainly that’s all you’re doing in this game.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the game is not all that bright. I mean if I was to see a military officer walk up a building or jump down from the highest building I would be very suspicious. The AI in this game really wasn’t the greatest. The only time they became suspicious is when you’re either a regular civilian, or your James Heller. I will say the game has an interesting script to it (almost everyone in the game is cursing, which had me in hysterics) and after a while of playing it, the game kind of grew on me. If you like games where you basically can destroy buildings and what not? then this is the game for you, but if you’re not into that type of stuff, then your may not like it. I give Prototype 2 a 7.8.

Venom, I’ll see you back in the comic books!


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(This game is rated ‘M’ for mature)

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