Adult Night at LDC Atlanta!

Hello TPR faithful! Just 2 days ago we attended LEGOLAND Discovery Center’s (LDC) very first “Adult Night” at their Atlanta location inside Phipps Plaza. To say that our night was amazing would be an understatement!

The instant you mention LEGO’s you can’t help but feel a hint of nostalgia. I mean c’mon, it’s LEGO’s! 😀  I know we weren’t the only adults excited about their first adult event either. Take a look at this line:

Yeah, and this is 15 minutes before it opens. If any of you are familiar with Phipps Plaza, the line went past the elevator going towards the AMC Movie Theatre! It was a great turn out of people young and old who just came to enjoy themselves and be a kid again 🙂 The great part was after you bought your ticket, you received a complimentary itinerary. Our activities were as follows:

-Kingdom Quest competition: Ride our first ride Kingdom Quest, record your score, and enter to win 2 free tickets to our next adult night

-Master Model “2012” build: Visit with our Master Model Builder, Josh, in the neighborhood, learn some new tricks, and help create a large “2012” build.

-Head to the Build & Test area where you can learn how to build an amazing race car, which you may enter into our Racers competition later in the evening.

-Don’t forget to ride Merlin’s Apprentice, check out your favorite Atlanta hot spots in Miniland, and watch our movie!

So when you first walk into the waiting area you get to look at flat screens of LEGO’s ….. well being LEGO’s

Then we couldn’t forget our greeter! A trendy young lady made completely out of LEGO’s (do you see that matching satchel?)

So after you enter the LEGO factory you have a guide that shows you how LEGO’s are made. From the little yellow pellets in front of you to the blocks that you put together to build your gas stations, storm troopers, farmers, and everything else you’ve ever made from a LEGO set (and the list literally is endless). You also get to weigh yourself in LEGO’s. When I say that, they have a scale there which converts your pounds to its equivalent in the toy blocks. Well, my weight was about 78,000 LEGO blocks and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t judge me:) Then you’re led to their first ride called Kingdom Quest. A ride where your goal is to take out the bad guys (with a plastic gun with a laser pointer) and buy the good guys enough time to protect the princess and a friendly dragon while it’s egg is hatching.

After the ride is over you get to roam freely around a large area called Miniland. Miniland is amazing because it is a life-size replica of Atlanta, made out of LEGO’s.

Downtown Atlanta
An evening in downtown Atlanta
The King & Queen buildings at LEGOLAND
LEGO Turner Field


Once you pick up your jaw from all of the amazement in MINILAND you walk into an open area greeted by LEGO staff cheering for you and lots of cameras. From there you can talk to the LEGO Masterbuilders, build a race car, ride “Merlin’s Apprentice” or you can watch their absolutely amazing 4D Movies!

First I stopped by the LEGOLAND Discovery Center Cafe just to say I did:) I’m glad I did because I met 2 amazing young ladies who helped me named Jeboni (who I nicknamed Jedi-Ebony :D) and Yoogie. With awesome names like that I’m sure you can imagine how much fun I had paying for a hot dog 🙂

Very fun, high spirited staff! 🙂


I watched two of their 4D movies and I can tell you from experience that they are better than most 3D movies in theaters right now. I know that may sound crazy but it’s true. It’s something you’ll just have to experience! But first I had to get my ticket….thank goodness there wasn’t a line….

LEGO Box Office


As an adult, I would say try LEGOLAND Adult night at least once. You’d be surprised how much fun it is and that was their first one. I got to hear a few ideas that will be incorporated into future adult nights, and you definitely won’t want to miss out!

If you want to attend the next Adult Night it’s every month on the 2nd Thursday at Phipps Plaza in Buckhead. It’s located upstairs right next to the elevator by AMC Theaters and Johnny Rockets.

Thank you to the entire LDC Atlanta staff for making this an amazing night. We’re looking forward to it in the future!


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