A day of Mas & Music!
Hello everyone!

What a Memorial Day weekend! If you were in Atlanta Saturday you probably noticed massive traffic and many streets that were blocked off for hours. Well the reason why was because of a festive celebration of Mas and Music took over the city! 😀  The Atlanta Caribbean Carnival began with a parade that started at the Civic Center Marta Station (West Peachtree & Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd) and ended in the Auburn District (Auburn Ave & Fort St.). The streets (especially Peachtree St.) were jam packed with family, friends, tourists, random onlookers who came after hearing the music, and employees of local businesses.

On Saturday, I am honored to say we were present for the 24th Annual Atlanta Caribbean Carnival presented by the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Bandleaders Association. The first Caribbean Carnival in Atlanta was held in 1988 and became the official kick-off of the U.S. carnival season. The Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Bandleaders Association (ACCBA) was formed in 2003 (as a 501 c (3) ) and have been producing this annual event since 2005. (Refer to ACCBA )

We have pictures of everything from kids on stilts, people themed as lions, mirrors, and queens, and pictures of the Festival Village. Congrats to everyone who participated: The bands, the performers, the DJ’s, everyone who played mas (participated in the masquerade), the volunteers, and the ACCBA. We’ll give you a full rundown of the winners or the competitions and more pictures come next month! When we publish our very first issue! 😀

The music from Carnival is STILL playing in our heads, even today! Soca, Calypso, we felt like we were IN the caribbean! You may have told yourself that you liked to party, or that you were a “party person,” or maybe even THINK that when you go out you’re the life of the party? We’re here to tell you to think again my friend ….. because you haven’t TRULY partied until you’ve partied with Atlanta’s caribbean family 🙂

Enjoy your holiday everyone!

p.s.-If you’d like to see more pictures from Carnival before the magazine gets published, you can click here and go like our Facebook page 🙂


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    1. Thanks for the comment Jason. We try to cover as many events as we possibly can. Although we couldn’t cover everything leading up to the parade, in our first issue we will highlight the King & Queen of bands and the Queen/Jr. Miss competition winners. We appreciate your input!

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