“Murals from Talladega College”

Good evening everyone-

Its pretty impossible to get sick of going to the High Museum of Art (they really do have too many amazing things to see ALL the time! and their staff is extremely friendly) and now we have yet another reason to go back so soon! 🙂

The High Museum does an excellent job of keeping a diverse selection of art on display constantly throughout the year and this exhibit is no different. The Murals from Talladega College “Rising Up” will begin a multi-city tour come June 9th and will be available at the High Museum of Art.

In 1938 Alabama’s Talladega College commissioned acclaimed African American painter Hale Woodruff to create 6 large-scale murals portraying the Amistad mutiny and its aftermath, as well as the founding of Talladega College. Last year the college teamed up with the High Museum of Art to restore the murals and therefore produced the “Rising Up” exhibit. Feel free to click HMOA for more information.

We are extremely excited about going to see this exhibit as the murals look absolutely beautiful. There’s a lot of information and interesting stories lodged in great paintings and these are no different. We’ll bring you more after we visit the exhibit next week. OR, you can beat us to the punch and tell us what YOU think about it next Saturday  🙂

We’ll bring you more awesomeness soon. Our first issue is coming out in a matter of days… are you ready?!


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