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As we said we have a lot to update you on 🙂 To go along with emerging music and films that we’ve been discussing today, we’d also like to introduce you to an emerging presence in Atlanta in the form of Empire City.

We met with one Cory Armstead (Ceasar) a few weeks ago to talk about the rap group’s goals and how they plan to separate themselves from the masses (there is an extremely large contingent of aspiring singer/song writer/rappers here in Atlanta FYI). He told the story of how Empire City came to be and the road they’ve taken to get where they are today.

Ceasar, Milli (Clifford Thurman) and Kidd Lucci (Lawrence Boddie) all grew up in Urban Atlanta. As many curious youth tend to do, they came together in high school selling candy to make money. Many may think that something as simple as selling candy is a waste of time or for lack of better words “not a big deal.” But anyone with an open mind would be able to see that 3 youth came together in high school sharing similarities in the entrepreneurial spirit, to start a business. As it turned out, they were highly successful in their candy venture and it turned over into music. A car was the venue of their first freestyle battle when they came together and thought, “We can do this.” Ever since then the trio has been making tracks and promoting their music online and around Atlanta.

Their album “Overplayed & Underrated” is available on their website to download for free. Forewarning the lyrics are explicit but to know this trio of young men is to love them. They are very respectable, intelligent artists that are willing to put in the work to achieve their dreams.

Their website is HERE

Their Twitter is HERE

and Facebook is HERE

Their Media rep is Sopheak So (404) 626-0644.

We also have to mention their logo, we think it’s pretty awesome 🙂



Our favorite song was “Party Favor.” We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors! You never know what kind of talent is hiding in Atlanta. That’s just a portion of why are city is so amazing. In a way the Empire City album title is directly relatable to Atlanta. Because of all of the great things we have to offer, our massive population, all of our talent, our hospitality,all the films and TV shows that are taped here, and hosting so many HQ’s of Fortune 500 companies, Atlanta is “Overplayed and Underrated.”




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