Good evening 🙂

We recently saw “The Bourne Legacy” and we have to say …… meh? lol It wasn’t too bad. Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) has some gigantic shoes to fill in the absence of Jason Bourne (Matt Damon). Oddly enough they decided to keep the “Bourne” name in the mix even in his absence (his name is shown twice, face was shown once on a credential).

The government decides to discontinue the program which created these super soldiers (like Jason Bourne) to begin with. After Aaron Cross’s curiosity leads him to discover the truth behind the government’s intentions, he runs off to find answers from chemist Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz). I was excited to see her since she’s been missing in action for a while after starting a family (you may remember her as “Evelyn” or “Evey” from The Mummy & The Mummy Returns). There are a few scenes that may take you by surprise with explosions and there’s 2 fight scenes that are worth watching. But after that I’d say this movie is pretty basic. At one point I thought the movie was in a transition spot preparing us, the audience, to go in a different direction? Nope, that was the movie ENDING. So needless to say that was VERY unimpressive.

Sadly this film doesn’t come close to anything Matt Damon gave us in the past. 3 films of greatness, switch the direction, throw in Jeremy Renner as the new protagonist, and yea… you get a par movie at best. If I were you I’d save that $10.50 (or even more depending on where you live lol) and wait until your local Red Box decides to provide it for you at the exponential price of 4 quarters 🙂


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