Michael Beasley’s Acting Workshop


On Monday July 23 from 7pm-10pm Actor, Director, Producer and Acting Coach Michael Beasley along with his wife Deena (Actor and Acting Coach) held a FREE Acting Workshop to 50 plus participants in Atlanta, GA.

For those who are not aware, Michael Beasley has had a very successful career in one of the toughest industries.  As his success continues to rise, he wants to make sure he gives back and this workshop was one of many events that are doing just that.  Currently, Michael can be seen in the following shows and movies:

Steel Magnolias 2012 – Lifetime Channel 2012 he plays the role of “Spud.” (Jill Scott’s husband)

2 Guns 2013 – plays “Hard-Case Border Agent.” In theaters 2013.

Flight 2012 – plays “Officer Edmond.” In theaters 2012.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green 2012 – plays “Cop #1.” In theaters August 2012.

The Bay 2012 – plays “Officer Jimson.” In theaters 2012.

Magic City 2012 – Starz Network, recurring cast member.


At the workshop he shared his life story of growing up Omaha, Nebraska and his career as a successful professional basketball player; playing for many European teams.  In 2003 he decided to pursue acting after his basketball career came to a close.  He reflected on why he chose this career in which he would follow after his father, John Beasley who is a seasoned actor in many TV series and Films.

The night was a very relaxed atmosphere that allowed participants to ask several questions, submit their resumes and head-shots, and engage in one-on-one discussion’s with Beasley and his panel of successful and distinguished guests.  Some of the topics covered included:


  • Being the Best YOU!
  • Putting out the best product to make Casting Directors proud.
  • Staying in your lane.
  • Selecting Acting Classes and Schools.
  • Headshots
  • Demo reel standards
  • The Importance of Social Media
  • Learning camera shots and angles
  • Forming Relationships with Casting and Production Crew at all levels.
  • Do a lot of reading and takes at home and the importance of putting Spiritual first.


This workshop also launched the announcement of upcoming classes and workshops.  For information on classes and location email nextlevelacting@gmail.com


For more information on Michael Beasley visit:




Michael Beasley Demo Reel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32d3LqxU8M0




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