Happy Monday to all 😀

Piedmont Park played host to yet another festival this past Sunday. That festival being Festival Peachtree Latino! An event lasting from 11am-8pm and truly turned into a non-stop party!

Our favorite performers were Widy and Jerry Rivera (and let’s get one thing straight, we loved ALL the performers. We just danced the most to them lol). As a matter of fact, we had to rest at one point because of all the dancing. There was even a tent with a separate DJ away from the main stage that did nothing but play different genres of hispanic music with no breaks in between. It was absolutely amazing! Following that there were TONS of food vendors there. Too many frozen lemonade stands to choose from on top of the skewers? The most popular drink by far were the piña coladas that were being served to attendees in huge pineapples (they were virgin by the way in case any of you noticed zillions of kids sipping these too lol).

Peachtree Latino in Atlanta has been the largest family & multi-cultural event in the Southeast since 2000. The festival has featured hundreds of exhibitions, family activities, sporting events, parades, arts & crafts, food, and musical performances. We thoroughly enjoyed our time here and cannot WAIT until next year! Until then, I quote Jerry Rivera “Amor existe” 😀



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