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We hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday weekend (assuming you didn’t have to work of course 🙂 ) Today we have a few posts to share with you and we’ll begin with sharing our review of a beautiful Timex piece 🙂

For years Timex has often been thought of as the safe, go to choice for watches. They’re sturdy, built to last, and if you’ve been a lifetime owner like myself you know the batteries last for ages. I as well as other watch collectors are very happy to see Timex shake things up with their new line of watches. I’d compare it to when Michael Kors came out with their Rose gold collection or when Kia came our with their new 2012 line of cars featuring LED lighting and Audi-esque lines.

This Elevated Classics Dress watch sports a red dial and stainless steel band. It’s perfect for any dress or casual event with its bracelet sporting a smooth, clean look. It has the date in the III position and comes with a 1-yr warranty.

Not to mention that with its sleek, sophisticated look, it comes with a Timex price 🙂 $65 for a casual watch that’s going to last a lifetime is a STEAL (especially compared to the price of most watches now) which leads me to boast their price point:

With Fossil watches the most inexpensive red dial watch we found was still $75 but it was interchangeable so that doesn’t include the band. Also that $75 won’t provide you with the days’ date 🙁

Swiss Army? you have your choice of $1,050 or $525 for your red dial watch. So believe me when I say Timex has a niche when it comes to fine quality watches at an affordable price.

I asked 3 people at random what they thought of this Elevated Classic when they first saw it and all 3 had a look of shock. “Wow that’s really clean look” “That’s a nice watch” and my favorite “Wow that’s really nice, was it expensive?” and I was very happy to explain how compared to most casual watches available it was very inexpensive. The same reactions came when I explained it was made by Timex. “Wow, I didn’t know they made pieces outside of sports watches” was the congruent statement made by all 3 of them. Like I said, Timex has always been a safe pick for a durable watch to just “have”, but now people will have to strongly consider them for style as well as durability.

You can find this Elevated Classics Dress piece at Timex.com or click HERE and the style# is T2N802

Lest we forget the PEACH in Peach Review? So we had to incorporate Atlanta in there 🙂


We’ll have more in fashion, accessories, and travel to review for you in due time. Until then “keep on ticking™”  🙂



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