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We went to go see the movie “Argo” on opening night and it was pretty good! If you aren’t familiar with the story it’s about 6 Americans who are working overseas in Iran. During the Iranian revolution American Embassy workers get kidnapped and the only ones who manage to escape are the 6 that you follow in the movie. Being American is tough during these times as the Iranians shared much disgust with our country. So the CIA relies on a crafty idea from Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) to go into Iran disguised as Canadian filmmakers. The plan is to go into Iran under the guise of looking for locations to finish their sci-fi movie thriller. Meanwhile the 6 Americans that avoided capture are hiding in the care of Canadians.

You may recognize some familiar faces in the film such as Ben Affleck, Zeljko Ivanek, John Goodman, Tate Donovan, and many more. Since the story is about 1 plan that’s based off a true story it takes awhile to get to the action. 70% of the movie is about strategy, planning, and giving insight into what went on behind the scenes during this stressful and tragic time just a few decades ago. But when it’s “go time” they do an excellent job building up suspense and keeping it high.

This is a movie worth going to the theatre to see. But like previously stated, it’s going to take a good hour or so to get into any serious action. But if you can be patient and hold out until they execute their plan, it will be well worth your wait!




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