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So I was introduced to an app the other day called Atlanta Film Crew on Android. It’s like twitter plus more and it’s really neat. There are “Photos” to see what recent projects are being worked on, and to see what celebrities are up to. They have a “Chatter section”, and what’s cool about that is it keeps you updated on what film project is being worked on in Atlanta and who they are looking for. The last tab is “Latest,” it keeps you updated to the latest entertainment news.

It’s a really cool app, and if you’re an inspiring actor, extra, or anyone looking for that big break, I say you should look into this app. It’s $4.99 but if you’re in the industry it’s worth it for an app that constantly updates itself.

It can be found HERE


One thought on “Atlanta Film Crew”
  1. It’s true what you said. And refreshing to see what you (and others) see when first introduced to the website/app. I feel obliged to point out that you seem to have missed the ‘Watch’ button, but that can happen as you must maybe tilt your phone sideways to see that button. And it depends on your device because some devices dont care that you tilted the phone horizontal. Im assured that as android 4.0 is rolled out this will be taken care of. Still, when dealing with the android platform and the thousands of devices that so-call ‘support’ it you just cant tell until you hold the phone or device in your hand. Im happy as heck that you got a photos tab, but that was a late addition to the paid app. You, Peach Review, tried out what Im calling V2? as in AFC V2? – a free development version not guaranteed to do nothing, but it should probably work for you and is at the present time nearly identical to the paid app. The watch tab basically lets you watch the videos at, and is a good jumping off point to access the audio section. Your device should support flash for best media playback possibilities. This will become less important as HTML5 takes hold. Thanks for the review.

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