“Identity Thief” directed by Seth Gordon, is a hilarious comedy starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy. Melissa McCarthy is really setting a name for herself in these comedies (if you haven’t seen “Bridesmaids” then you’re missing out) and I’m glad to see her getting more opportunities in film. Jason Bateman has been in plenty of movies but if you aren’t familiar with him, I’d suggest you see “Horrible Bosses” for a good laugh. I guarantee you’ll become a fan after that.

“Identity Thief” is about a mild-mannered businessman named Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman) from Denver, CO who has his identity stolen by a woman (Melissa McCarthy) in Winter Park, FL. The bulk of the story really begins after he confronts her in Florida. I also enjoyed appearances by Morris Chestnut, John Cho, and T.I. (who was hilarious by the way).

According to Rotten Tomatoes only 24% of their viewers liked it, yet it was still the top grossing box office film (every time I see a good movie that gets bad reviews I think of “300”. You cannot tell any of us that “300” changed the game and inspired the fight scenes of today and spinoffs like “Spartacus”). I would give it a 8 out of 10. It’s one of those movies where you may miss a few laughs because you’re still laughing from something before. I enjoyed the chemistry between the 2 of them (Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy) and overall it was just a funny movie. Now if you’re looking for a striking plot and a storyline that’s going to win an award of some sort, this is not the case. But if you just want to see something to laugh? This is the movie for you. When have you ever seen Melissa McCarthy and NOT laughed? I’d also like to note that the film was filmed here in Atlanta…. just throwing that out there 😉



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