Slo No Mo!

Dreamworks brings us a new story entitled Turbo, about a snail who dreams of a fast life. Turbo (Ryan Reynolds) grew tired of his boring life and being slow along with his other escargot pals. His dreams were bigger than the front yard, his dream was to win the Indy 500. Speed was on his brain 24/7 just like any other person with a dream, it was all he thought about.


But when his desire for speed almost gets him killed and endangers the other snails, his long-time friend Chet (Paul Giamatti) tells him to get real before he gets them both killed. After that confrontation Turbo re-evaluates his life and that is where the real story begins.


The movie is fun and in typical Dreamworks fashion, has lots of comedy for adults in film (surely in expectation of you dealing with kids). I thought it was extremely funny to have Samuel L. Jackson (as Whiplash) and Ken Jeong (as Kim Ly) play animated roles in the film. Another surprise was Snoop Lion as the voice of Smoove Move.


The movie is funny, the animation is pretty good, and after you watch it you’ll know why “White…. Shadoooooooow” will be relevant. 8.5 out of 10. It’s worth checking out.

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