J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League’s name is stamped on the production of all of your favorite artist’s projects. I would say their knowledge of what’s hot is pretty well-respected in the music game. With that being said the production trio has signed another artist from their hometown, Tampa, who goes by the name of Prime. With a fresh sound he will be releasing a mixtape after the New Year hosted by DJ Drama. In good company, Prime’s newest single, “Flex” is produced by Honorable C.N.O.T.E. Putting Trevlon on this single added some more love for Tampa and his flow is a nice addition to this song. Being around major artists in the studio was a big influence for him. Artists such as Lloyd, Yo Gotti, Three Six Mafia, and Rick Ross displayed the type of work ethic that generates success, further motivating Prime to achieve rap greatness.

The song opens up with a winning champion sound then drops right into the flexing. Even though it’s December this song makes me reminiscent for the summer time. It paints a picture of him hopping out of a Benz onto a red carpet event. Lights, camera, action!

There is a line asking “what ya gonna think though when ya play ya heart out and never win a ring like Marino?” I think everyone can relate to the ultimate fear of failure when chasing a dream. Prime tells us to forget those fears and enjoy the journey.

Living life to the fullest, stress free, it sounds as if he was smiling in the booth recording this track. Finally he has made it and wants to live in this moment forever. The production is smooth and the futuristic sounds make me feel like I have a bright future ahead in a galaxy all my own if I would only let go and enjoy it. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this guy!  (Enjoy the track! lyrics are explicit).



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