Out of pure coincidence (after our Lone Survivor comments), we review The Wolf of Wall Street, directed by that’s right, Martin Scorsese. Oh where to begin with this movie… ?

We meet Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) and follow him from days as a small-time player on Wall Street to forming one of the biggest firms in existence. But he couldn’t achieve this feat alone, he had a co-captain and Vice President in Donnie Azoff (Jonah Hill). Their story is crazy, hilarious, ridiculous, and involves a lot of partying and a lot of drugs (and I mean TONS of drugs). Jordan’s life only gets crazier after he marries Naomi Napaglia (Margot Robbie) and ignores the sound advice of his father Max (Rob Reiner).

As in most rise-and-fall stories, many rules were broken here. The only one I’ll divulge before you see the movie is the most expected “keeping a low profile,” which is hard to do when you go from nothing in your bank account to 7 figures. But the office parties included prostitutes and drugs, so just imagine what life was like outside of the work place!

The 2 most common things I hear about this movie are “it’s a great movie” and “it’s just too long.” Well after watching for myself I can agree with the first, it’s a great movie. I can understand why people thought it was too long, because after the inevitable happens people expected the movie to close. But instead it continues on, and not just 5 or 10 minutes, the film in total is about 3 hours long (3 hours? The Neo of Wall Street? No wait, the The Wolf of the Rings? LOL). Yes, although there’s never a dull moment in the film, you will eventually glance at your watch like “how long have we been here?” I’ll give The Wolf of Wall Street 8.5 out of 10. Leo acted his tail off in this movie and you’ll leave with the theatre with the same feeling if you can withstand all the vulgarities in this film (LOL). A name to look out for in the future? Margot Robbie. This is her first BIG  film and I have a feeling we may see more of her very soon 😀

-Jon J.

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