Mousee Games today announced the launch of the English language version of Siege Online, a 3D downloadable multiplayer RPG set in a war-torn fantasy medieval land (How appropriate after our early screening of Season 4 Game of Thrones! 😀 ). Siege Online combines in-depth strategy with a complex economy and a sophisticated guild system to create an immersive and challenging gaming experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. SIEGE ONLINE

“Siege Online is the perfect game for people who love the depth of a full-featured and complex online RPG, but also want a strategic combat system instead of pure action,” said Irina Kudosova, president of Mousee Games. “Siege Online reflects the kind of innovation you will only see from the small, independent developers, and we’re pleased to have helped bring it to English-speaking gamers.”

The rules for combat in Siege Online are simple, but like in chess, the numbers of tactics you can use are infinite. Build an army that can conquer enemy castles while also defending your realm from invaders. Success in battle depends on in-depth combat preparation as well as the ability to make the right decisions in while facing tough situations on the battlefield. Brute force and fast-clicking alone won’t help you win! The complex economic system reflects the real world and includes crafting, trading, mining, hunting and herb gathering. You will need to be shrewd to prosper!

Over 100 different buildings are available for players to develop their personal castles and their army with more than 40 different troops, and extensive support for dynamic player interactions includes a well-developed guild system, global events, raids against rival Guilds, alliances and diplomacy.



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