New Orleans

The 31st Annual French Quarter Festival had an amazing turn out in New Orleans this year. With this being my second time attending, I had an amazing time. The French Quarter festival is a great event that has plenty of artists playing music all throughout the streets, art vendors in all directions,  and street artists walking up and down the street on every corner. And what would the French quarter festival be without taking a stroll down Bourbon Street!


The live bands that took the stage had the crowds dancing the night away. I can honestly say that this year was more exciting for me than the previous year. Records were shattered according to Fess Inc. Security workers who counted over 700,000 people in attendance over the 3-day weekend. 

French Quarter Festival

It really was a perfect day… from randomly running down the streets to capture a couple’s wedding celebration, to dancing with a few party goers from Nevada, to experiencing my first “hand grenade” (Alcoholic beverage). With the great weather and nice people all around, you’re bound for a great time. I plan to partake in the festivities again next year. 

new orleans

-Johnny Hill

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