Atlanta, Ga. – Phillips Arena was live this weekend when the Garth Brooks with Trisha Yearwood World Tour made its second stop. The two-shows-a night performances starting September 19 – 21 and 26-27. The shows started a little late but no one there seemed to mind. People from all over came to see Garth and Trisha. When the concert started they had a 100 second countdown and when it hit 10 seconds, Phillips Arena came alive. Everyone was on their feet and ready to hear one of the best country music artists of all time.

He played songs from when he first started like, Friends in low places and The Dance all the way to his new release song People Love People. There were times where he would stop singing and just play his guitar and the crowd would take over. Every song, the crowd was singing along with Garth Brooks.


When you thought the show was at its peak, Trisha Yearwood came out. She received the same love from the fans as Garth Brooks. She took over the show without losing a beat from the crowd. She couldn’t leave the stage without singing her hit song Ribbons and curls. It was a special weekend not only for Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, but one for all the fans. There were times you would look around the arena and see people crying from memories of what songs meant to them, or just to turn on the flash on their cells phones and waving them in the air. You could see the joy in Garth Brooks eyes that after all these years of him being a performer his fans still love him and they were just as excited to see him.  It was a magical show for all that attended and are going to attend this coming weekend.

-Seth Cohen

2 thoughts on “Garth Brooks Concert Review”
  1. Paid $300 dollars to watch Garth in TV at his concert! He’s asking for donations to his charity, he can take my $300 and gve it to them. I certainly wouldn’t have stayed home to watch hom on TV

  2. I paid big bucks to see & hear Garth Brooks sing his songs. Instead I heard the huge crowd sing his songs. This was the biggest disappointment I have ever had in a concert. The crowd was not professional singers and was just a lot of noise. I would not go again if the tickets were free.

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