The Equalizer was surprisingly amazing. It was directed by Antoine Fuqua (that got my attention first) and of course it stars Denzel Washington (which also got my attention) but, that’s about all I knew about it. I purposely did not research anything about this movie before seeing it. I had heard so many great things (which prompted me not to hit any early premieres or lookup trailers) that I wanted to see how it would turn out just knowing “its a Denzel film.” Well boy did it deliver…

Just when Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) thinks he’s put his mysterious past behind him and started life anew, he witnesses a series of bad relationships happen and can’t sit idle. It all begins with a Russian girl at a coffee shop. Every time they see each other at this shop they make small talk. Whenever he sees her she’s dressed like she’s coming from a nightclub but always leaves the shop with a different man. That eventually leads to him witnessing something he shouldn’t have and his involvement with the girls sets off a string of other calamities that occur throughout the film.

Now the awesome part comes in how he handles these situations. His day job is at a generic Home Depot. The way he “handles” people or in some cases kills them, is totally unexpected. It’s a horrifically graphic combination of MacGvyer meets Hannibal. So the title comes as he intercedes in different people’s lives to level the playing field when they’re being wronged (equalizing).

But I digress, its Denzel so you must see it. It won’t disappoint and I also must note, it’s probably the most gory film I’ve seen him in. So do not see this if you have a weak stomach and can’t handle people dying in creative ways. 9 out of 10. You go Denzel, you go.


-Jon J.

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