Nightcrawler is a dramatic thriller written and directed by Dan Gilroy. Jake Gyllenhaal plays the role of Louis Bloom, a driven loner that’s desperate for work. He’s extremely meticulous and isn’t very fond of other people. His drive leads him to a strong interest in Crime Journalism. This leads him to become a nightcrawler, a person who searchers during the evening/overnight hours for news stories.

After capturing a car accident here and a hit-and-run there, he begins to build a professional relationship with News Manager Nina (Rene Russo). As their strange relationship grows, so does his confidence and his bank account. Each story he turned in was worth serious money. The more tapes he turns in the more money he gets. But he gradually becomes obsessed, hiring a homeless man as an assistant and as he upgrades his car and equipment, he hits Nina with a list of demands for using his videos.

The film was a bit different from what I expected after seeing the commercials. It’s still a great movie and it didn’t end the way I predicted it would. I can easily give this a 8.5 out of 10. Jake Gyllenhaal played a very creepy character in Louis Bloom, but he did it so well I couldn’t picture anyone else pulling it off. This one is worth checking out whenever you have some free time. It’s right under 2 hrs. and it’s a thriller, so you can see this one at night without worry of boredom.


-Jon J.

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