photo by Dominique Gosse
photo by Dominique Gosse

Jeanguy Saintus and AYIKODANS Present World Premiere Dances at Flavors and Colors of Haiti in Atlanta!

“For me, dance is a way of life,” says Jeanguy Saintus, Haitian-born choreographer, educator and founder of AYIKODANS Dance Company. “I am inspired every day by the joys and struggles not only of Haitian people, but of people around the world. Through dance I am able to express great passion and emotion and connect with audiences on a deep level. I am thrilled to premiere two new dances, Rasanble and Ranmase, at the 4th Annual Flavors and Colors of Haiti on December 11 at the Rialto Center for the Arts in Atlanta.”

Rasanble will consist of eight dancers from the AYIKODANS dance troupe who will use some very interesting and unusual props including brooms, plates and chairs. In their second act, they will dance Ranmase, a new work by Johnnoiry Saint Philippe. During the evening, the audience will enjoy Haitian music and drumming, as well as the talents of internationally acclaimed singer James Germain.

AYIKODANS is part of a movement towards a contemporary Haitian aesthetic, while rooted in tradition, reflects modern Caribbean culture. The visionary choreography of Saintus imbues their dances with an extraordinary level of creativity, intensity and strength. For nearly three decades he has continuously pushed the limits of modern dance. AYIKODANS has danced on stages throughout the world including Latin America, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Japan, Canada and the US to rave reviews.

“Jeanguy Saintus is a master of blending his own artistic sensibility of contemporary dance with that of the traditional styling of the Haitian culture…”Jerry Opdenaker, Palm Beach Daily News


’’When the dancers of Ayikodans step on stage, the spiritual richness of this people, their great historical struggles and their hopes for the future come alive…”  Panorama Magazine (Panama)


“Most of their movements are characterized by a spiraling line of beauty that constantly invigorates the dance, giving it pulse and texture. Saintus makes a vital connection between humans and the spiritual world.”  Deirdre Kelly, Globe and Mail (Canada)

Tickets to the 4th Annual Flavors and Colors of Haiti range from $47 to $57 and can be purchased at the Rialto Center for the Arts web site:


The 4th Annual Flavors and Colors of Haiti is presented by the Consulate General of Haiti in Atlanta.

 photo by Ron Elkman - #1223
photo by Ron Elkman – #1223


Proceeds from this event will benefit the Haitian & Haitian-American Student Internship Program at The Coca-Cola Company in Haiti. This new initiative is a partnership between the Consulate in Atlanta and The Coca-Cola Company, and provides hands-on learning opportunities for students interested in giving back to their communities and building a brighter future for Haiti.


Sponsors for the 4th Annual Flavors and Colors of Haiti include The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Air Lines, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and The Glenn Hotel.

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