One of the best gifts that Despicable Me ever gave us are the minions. The adorable, yellow, funny sounding assistants to Gru. In the film Minions, we get the original story behind Gru’s pint-sized, evil cohorts and the very purpose for their existence.

Since the beginning of time, Minions have always wanted to serve the biggest and most evil villain they could find. The T-Rex, Dracula, Polar Bears, and the Abominable Snowman are just a few examples of their villain prototype of choice. Oddly enough, they also played a major role in their downfall as well. Did the T-Rex really go extinct, or did they accidentally knock him into a pool of lava with a giant boulder? Historical questions were comically answered in this extremely funny, animated feature. 

One of the directors, Pierre Coffin, played another major role by voicing Stuart, Kevin, and Bob. When the Minions were at their worst and there were no villains to serve, Stuart stepped up and left their home (in Antarctica) to go out and find a villain for them. Accompanied by Kevin and Bob, they set out for New York City, attended a convention called VillainCon, and ended up in London, England.

You can differentiate between the 3 by their height. Stuart is the leader and the tallest minion. Kevin has one eye and is second tallest. Bob is the smallest and has the highest pitched voice who shows child-like mannerisms. But he eventually shows them by becoming King for a day.

Minions, while extremely entertaining, may miss the mark with their target market. They’re gunning for young children but there are so many things in here that children would laugh at solely because they hear adults laughing first. Most younger children won’t understand the comedy in Bob making a speech and then dropping the mic, or the reference to Napoleon, or even the comedy in what happens to the Queen (of England).

If you want something to enjoy with your kids, friends, or even by yourself, I highly suggest you catch Minions. With the narrator (Geoffrey Rush) giving the play-by-play, you’ll be able to enjoy the film without having seen Despicable Me. Minions gets an 8 out of 10.


-Jon J.

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