It’s getting close to the time of year where we are pretty much over the rays of the sun and ready for the cool breezes that fall brings. We change our clothes, our hair, and even our eating habits. But what about our skin care? Many people stick with the same skin care routine year-round but, as the weather changes so does your skin. With these changes happening around you, your products should change as well. Our skin tends to be drier in the fall/winter months depending on where you live. Transitioning your skin to be fall ready isn’t hard to do at all. Three simple steps will have you wondering why you weren’t doing it all along!

I tend to focus on having a serum, night cream, and mask in my routine for the cooler months. In a previous article I spoke about the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. This serum works for me anytime of the year and that’s why I love it. Even with my oily skin I still get dry as it gets cold. This keeps my skin hydrated and keeps me looking youthful even on the harshest winter days. I also use it in the morning so I have extra protection for my skin during the day. The best thing about this is the fact that it repairs your skin and you can actually see the difference.

Estee Lauder


As far as a night cream, Estée Lauder does it for me in that category as well. Their Revitalizing Supreme moisturizer is by far one of my favorites so far. The thick, creamy texture of this product is great for skin at night. My skin automatically feels smooth and hydrated when I put it on. This multi-action cream addresses multiple signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles, dullness, loss of firmness and dehydrated skin. So not only are you getting the moisture your skin needs during the winter but you’re tackling all the top aging concerns with one cream. Seeing as the Advanced Night Repair neutralizes the same concerns, these two products work amazingly well together.


The last product isn’t a daily staple in my routine but I make sure to include it at least once every week or two, depending on how my skin is acting. The GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment is great for pulling out dirt and other toxins in your skin. The cool thing about this mask is that you can see it working as it’s on your skin. My skin needs extra love during the fall/winter and this gives me everything I need out of a mask. I want something that is going to clear my skin after using it without irritating my skin and this does just that. The entire GlamGlow line is among my top ten when it comes to skin care. The products are well made and they have something for everyone. If you tend to get really dry in the cooler months they have a hydrating mask, an exfoliating mask, (which is great for my oily skin) and even a detoxifying mask. I own all of these and I love them all equally, especially in the winter.


If you didn’t notice, these products are mostly products you would use at night. I always promote nightly skin care and will be doing a follow-up discussing the importance of having one. As far as getting ready for the colder season, you are the determining factor of when to begin your transition. Being that I live in the South, it doesn’t get cool until around late September/October. If you live in a region that has short summers and long winters, try transitioning as soon as it starts cooling down. Love your skin and it will love you back!


-Keisha Campbell



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