Country fans unite in Atlanta as the “Kick the Dust Up” Tour landed at Philips Arena for not 1 but 2 nights (August 21 & 22). The tour, headlined by Luke Bryan, also featured openers Dustin Lynch and Randy Houser.

We attended Friday night’s show and it was spectacular. Dustin Lynch came out first, followed by Randy Houser. The stage was set with gigantic screens in the background and speakers lined in the front and the sides. There was a narrow walkway which extended probably 20 ft from the stage that lead to a huge circular stage where the acts could literally stand in the crowd.

While Houser and Lynch pleased the crowd, the masses were there for the native Georgian Luke Bryan. When he came out the crowd roared and immediately jumped to their feet. He came up through the stage (located in the crowd) and immediately sang “kick the dust up.”

He sang a few of his more popular songs and then called the openers back to the stage. Luke Bryan showed off his skills on a beatbox while Houser and Lynch played guitar. He played tracks by Sir Mix-a-lot and Lil Jon and even the theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. But the most exciting and upbeat moment was when the trio performed Maroon 5’s “Sugar”.

Bryan soon returned to entertain the crowd on his own but before he did, he toasted to the South:

I’m a Georgia boy, this here’s a Tennessee boy and we have Mississippi here on the same stage. Cheers! (and proceeded to take shots).

He performed tracks such as All My Friends Say, Do I, Play it Again, Roller Coaster, Drunk On You, Crash My Party, and Hunting, Fishing, & Loving Everyday. For the aforementioned track he came through the stage on a wooden pier to with mist to simulate sitting on a dock in a swamp. But the move that won the entire arena over was performing We Rode in Trucks while coming through the stage on top of a pick-up surrounded by fire.


So in a word, the concert was “epic.” It was a great time with a great crowd and lots of great songs to sing along to. Whether you know his music or not, it’s still a great opportunity to party and hear some great music. But be forewarned, he channels his inner Elvis with hip gyrations and thrusting that would make any husband/boyfriend shed multiple “side-eyes” but it’s bearable.

Luke Bryan provides a great excuse for the non-country fan to give the genre a chance. You won’t be disappointed.


-Jon J.

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