moulin rouge

The enchantment of Paris and the glamour, vivacity and allure of the Moulin Rouge, the world-famous Parisian cabaret, will burst to life this February as Atlanta Ballet stages the blockbuster production “Moulin Rouge® — The Ballet.”

With high-kicking Cancan choreography and a story of love, adventure and indulgence revolving around the legendary cabaret, “ Moulin Rouge — The Ballet” will have its return February 5 -13 at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre.

The production, which Atlanta Ballet presented the Southeastern premiere of in 2010, is the original creation of renowned Canadian choreographer Jorden Morris, who plots his full-length ballet in the late 1880s when the Moulin Rouge first opened its doors.

Originally built in 1889 by Joseph Oller, the Moulin Rouge is best known as the birthplace of the Quadrille and the provocative Cancan dance. During its heyday, the cabaret was an extravagant place featuring huge dance floors, wall-to-wall mirrors, and elegant galleries. This excess was accompanied by a wild atmosphere on stage featuring gaudy Cancan girls in long skirts and heavily frilled undergarments who performed high kicks, splits, cartwheels, and other acrobatic tricks.

“Moulin Rouge – The Ballet” tells the tale of laundress-turned-Cancan star Nathalie and her romance with a painter named Matthew. Drawn to Paris by the city’s throbbing allure of ambition and desire, Matthew and Nathalie tempt the fates as they seek love and destiny in the magical atmosphere of the Moulin Rouge.

Spectacular staging, vivid costumes and a score from period French composers, create an engaging and authentic experience. The Moulin Rouge has been the subject of many books, paintings, movies and musicals, but this is only the second ballet production. Tickets start as low as $25 and are on sale now. To purchase, visit or call 404-892-3303. For groups of ten or more, call Atlanta Ballet Group Sales at 404-873-5811, ext. 207.

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