The eccentric EP, SWAAY, introduces Joe Jonas’ new band DNCE with the delicious, “Cake By the Ocean”. This track is going to be played at parties and events for years to come. The mix of disco-funk and fun lyrics make this a great song to sing at the top of your lungs while standing on top of a boat in the middle of the ocean. How do I know this? Because I in fact did this recently and it was the best memory of my Florida Vacation. This song reminds you to stop stressing so much and enjoy those very sweet moments in life. You can have your cake and eat it too while sitting in the sand by the ocean.

“Pay My Rent” is flipping the script on the classic “Bills, Bills, Bills,” by Destiny’s Child. I mean its 2016 and the cost of rent is on a steady rise. More and more couples are learning that splitting the rent is the new way to show you love someone. Plus not having your finances in order is one of the top reasons for divorce these days. He wants to marry this girl but he has to know she’s ready to commit to those grown up responsibilities we all hate. Sounds like it is love well spent.
DNCE (Meredith Truax)
DNCE (Meredith Truax)
Leaving your toothbrush at someone’s house dates back before the days of relationship status updates on Facebook. If you were able to leave your toothbrush and maybe even have your very own drawer at someone’s house you were in there! This marked your relationship was moving past just a one night stand. He is ready to tell the world about his woman and tells her to close the door behind her, stay and play!. This song “Toothbrush” is going to have a lot of women imposing the toothbrush test on their relationship.

“Jinx” is a cute little love ballad about a guy who is trying to take things slow as not to scare this girl away he is in love with. It has references to superstition and the tradition of keeping your birthday wish to yourself so that it will come true. He doesn’t want to push commitment on her but his love for her has taken over his head.

SWAAY may be a small project but it definitely leaves a big impression of what kind of identity DNCE wants you to know. The four members of this group have a ton of creative and fresh pop hits that surely will be a staple on the radio waves. Jonas has chosen a great group of musicians to venture into the next step of his career with. Their quirky styles tie together seamlessly and result in the kind of pop-funk you need to hear to hear on both a bad day to lift you up or a good day to keep you going!


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