The popularity of the ‘baking’ trend in makeup has raised a few eyebrows regarding the relevance of it. The origin of this trend has been said to come from the makeup routines of drag queens. Applying concealer and a liberal amount of powder to set or ‘bake’ the product to prevent any creasing has proven to remain a favorite technique among beauty gurus. I believe that some makeup trends can be intimidating to those just learning to apply makeup. The more time we take to practice our makeup application, we find that there are some things you just cant leave out. But the real question stands: Is baking a must-have beauty technique?

When I began teaching myself how to do makeup by watching YouTube videos, this trend wasn’t as popular as it has become. For those of you wondering if it even makes a difference to bake… It does. Allowing your powder to sit for a few extra minutes over your concealer ensures the longevity of your concealer. Baking something is basically pulling the moisture out and setting the product. Just like baking brownies. They start off as a thick, wet consistency and after you’re done baking, they’re set in place. I also find that letting my powder sit allows for a brighter highlight. I have more of an airbrushed, yet full coverage look afterwards.

Does this work in your everyday makeup routine? That depends. If you are wearing a full coverage look every time you apply makeup then go for it. Personally, I have days where my makeup is very light and I don’t see baking as necessary. Baking concealer doesn’t allow for a natural “no makeup” look in my opinion. Using just enough powder to set my concealer works for an everyday makeup look. Another reason to apply a liberal amount of powder under the eye is to catch any fall out from eyeshadow application. This allows you to sweep away the fall out with the remaining powder.

When using this method often, its important to keep the under-eye area moisturized. Baking with dry skin can come off as flaky so using an eye cream before makeup application can help with this. For someone trying this method for the first time, start with a little product to see what works for you.

So is baking a beauty necessity? No. Are there benefits to do doing it? Of course! I think beauty trends can be intimidating and sometimes people feel like they have to do the most popular thing. Starting small and working your way into new things is the best way to feel confident in your everyday makeup application. Don’t feel pressured to hop on the latest trends full throttle. Take your time and find out what works best for you.


-Keisha Campbell

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