Good things come to those who wait and that was the case for the city of Atlanta and pop star, Rihanna!

On Wednesday, Rihanna’s Anti-World Tour was greeted by an energetic, awesome, loud and sold out crowd at Philips Arena.  A great deal of that energy had spilled over from hip hop artist Travis Scott’s show opener.  Atlanta was originally scheduled to be one of the early shows on her North American dates (back in March), however it became her last stop before she begins performing in Europe next month.

Rihanna ANTI Tour

The fact that she was still sold out and the crowd’s energy almost led the Bajan princess to almost shed her ‘rude gal image’ and drop a tear. As she so passionately stated:

“Y’all got me feeling some sort of way…Y’all got me feeling like I’m Michael Jackson…Atlanta you all got me feeling like I am from Atlanta right now.  Your gonna make me start acting up and @#$^”

All the aspects of the concert was awesome – from the talented band, background singers, slinky and skilled dancers and their air tight choreography. The show was all about Ri-Ri and she was never out-staged.  Her costumes were unique, trendy, and conversation items to say the least and hopefully you will enjoy the photos.

Featured songs included:

1. “Stay”
2. “Love the Way You Lie (PART II)
3. “Woo”
4. “Sex”
5. “Consideration”
6. “Live Your Life”
7. “Run  This Town”
8. “All of the Lights”
9. “Take Care”
10. “We Found Love”
11. “How Deep is Your Love”
12. “Umbrella”
13. “Rude Boy”
14. “Work”
15. “Desparado”
16. “Man Down”
17. “Diamond in the Sky”
18. “Love On The Brain”
19. “Kiss It Better”

For more information on Rihanna’s Anti-World Tour visit TOUR and for more pictures click HERE

-Desmond McLennon

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