“When it comes to Czech beer there is nobody more knowledgeable than Evan Rail, which made developing this tour together with him such a thrill,” says Kenny Dunn, Managing Director of Eating Europe Tours, the parent company of Eating Prague. “He was hands on from the very beginning and his expertise has been invaluable in choosing the route, beers to sample, and vendors to feature on our tour.”

Eating Prague

“Prague is one of the greatest cities in the world for beer lovers,” said Evan Rail, a long-term resident of Prague and regular contributor to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Beer Advocate magazine. “I had a blast working with Eating Prague to create a tour that shows off some of the best beer, food and pubs in the Czech capital today.”

Eating Prague’s first beer tour, “Brews and Views”, will take guests from the greenery of Letná Park’s beer garden to Pípa, a stylish new pub and bottle shop which features some 160 beers in bottles. Beer lovers will sample everything from the country’s most common variety, Gambrinus to heavier dark lagers, the famous pilsner and craft beers while learning about the more than 1000-year old history of Czech beer. The samples will be paired with both local and international snacks that bring out the unique characteristics of each brew. The tour is a feast for all senses with stunning views across the city of 100 spires and plenty of cultural and culinary information about the neighborhoods the tour winds through.

Eating Prague Brews and Views

With international travel deals galore, there’s no better time to visit the largest city in the Czech Republic. “Brews and Views” by Eating Prague will launch July 19, 2016. Find more information on Eating Prague HERE


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  1. Prague is famous for their beer culture. You’re really missing if you didn’t taste Pilsner Urquell, Kozel or Svijani. So grab your friends and have fun with bar crawl tours.

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