John Wall & Co. End the Hawks’ Playoff Dreams in Game 6 winning 115 – 99

For what started as a beautiful day in Atlanta, ended in a very dark, ugly, and depressing fashion. Everyone was hoping the Hawks would hold down their home court in Game 6 to force a Game 7 back in D.C. Especially after the way Game 5 ended (there’s no way they should’ve lost that game), you would think the Hawks would come out firing on all cylinders. But alas, the “Atlanta Effect” kicked in and what local sports fans feared most happened again… Like it always does: They go down big, stage a late comeback to give you enough hope (they can do it! they can do it!), only to lose and dash your dreams to bits.

The score at halftime (65-46) and the 22 point disparity at one point, were clear indications that the Hawks’ season was over. Uninspired play and turnovers played a role in their loss too. But that’s not to take any credit away from the Wizards because John Wall and Bradley Beal showed up and carried their team. Wall was a one-man wrecking crew scoring 42 points and notching 8 assists, 4 steals, and two blocks. Beal was right behind him in support with 31 points, three rebounds, assists, and steals, and a block just for good measure.

With the series as chippy as it was and with the Wizards being away with this big lead, there was an inkling of a chance things could get petty. As I watched the Hawks fall apart late in the 4th I thought to myself, “Is John Wall that type of guy? Is he for lack of better words ’bout that life’? Would he stoop to that level?” And to put it simply: yes. All I could do was facepalm as I saw him stunt on Julio Jones, Gucci Mane, and Quavo (of Migos).

If that wasn’t bad enough, the Wizards duo Wall-Beal put on an equally impressive trolling performance (Watch the first 26 seconds).

So just to go down a quick checklist of what took place last night: The Hawks go down big at halftime, before the game John Wall says he’s going to score 35 or more (and scores 42), Kent Bazemore and Bradley Beal get into a scruff because of a foul on a layup, during the Hawks’ comeback John Wall runs full court and blocks what should’ve been an easy layup for Schroder, in the closing minutes Wall waves goodbye to ATL fans and blows a kiss, he trolls our most popular athlete and rappers sitting courtside, and post-game, Beal and Wall both quote The Migos after their away win to close out the series.

Yep, it’s just been that kind of year for Atlanta. It’s one of those things where you just hope you don’t find a crying Jordan meme made for your team (the memes after Atlanta’s Super Bowl loss were brutal). That’s about all you can hope for.

Hopefully, the Hawks learned a lesson in all of this. Getting rid of key players midway through the season was an eyebrow-raiser and the fact they were shopping Paul Millsap is borderline insulting. The man led the team in points the majority of the season/playoffs (and sometimes even effort). He finished with a double-double notching 31 points and 10 rebounds.

It’s an early summer vacation for the Hawks. Perhaps with a brand new season coming up (since the ownership drama happened), they’ll be able to turn things around. They’ll be afforded the opportunity to start fresh and make the proper changes needed to go the distance… Or they’ll stay content with what we have…

-Jon J.

Photo: Hakim Wright

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