Independent virtual reality startup Mostly Human Studios has released Just Relax, a virtual reality relaxation and meditation app for the Samsung Gear VR that uses a hybrid rendering approach to place the user in a beautiful beach paradise that can help them de-stress and unwind.

Mostly Human Studios is an indie start up by video game artist Paul Davis and aims to push the boundaries of virtual reality and make the most immersive experiences for people to enjoy and benefit from.

The real genius behind this app is its simplicity. The name is “Just Relax” and that’s all you have to do. Like how men of war had a call to arms? This is a digital call to ‘just relax’ with three different options to do so.

The dazzling visuals assist in calming the soul, such as the gentle waves lapping against the shore, the clouds that float by at a snail’s pace, or even the sight of the ocean. The sound of tropical birds and small waves assisted with my decompression.


The one touch control system on the right side of my Gear VR allowed me to switch through the application’s three settings: A gorgeous beach morning, a beautiful sunset, or a moonlit beach.

I had to try this app three separate times and every single time I fell asleep. What was most relaxing for me, was the sunset setting. With a sky that fades from blue to purple and the most common sounds of the beach (waves), it took mere seconds for me to fully unwind and enjoy the scenery. The night setting was nice too because of the candle lit path you can see along with the sounds of the beach.


Oh and if you’re wondering if the app actually looks like this, it does. The evening and night photos you see are from within the app. So you will see the moon, coconuts, and even a small boat.

I give Just Relax a 9 out of 10. It’s worth every bit of the $2.99 price tag. It’s simple, straightforward, but more importantly, it’s relaxing. The Just Relax Samsung VR app can be purchased HERE

-Jon J.

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