That’s right, it’s finally here! We had to push back the release a few weeks unfortunately but we were able to cram in some extra theatrical & film reviews 🙂

So here we are, recapping everything we love about ATL: Movies since we’re the Southern LA, Trap music because everyone loves it (especially ‘pretty girls’ 😉 2 Chainz said so), Makeup because you can’t even go to the mall without seeing somebody dressed up (hahaha), and of course Sports because we are madly in love with our new football club Atlanta United! We even gave a fond farewell to the football season because we know how everyone loves college football 🙂

For those of you who are interested in specific sections we got you covered

Arts/Culture Reviews

Makeup Reviews/Tutorials


Events (Atlanta Film Festival)


Movie Reviews


Music Reviews


Sports Coverage


Travel & Recreation


So there you have it! The best of the winter and spring wrapped up in high-definition greatness 😀 Now the good thing about this issue being pushed back is that we’re back on schedule, so you’ll get even more awesomeness in a few weeks! In our next one, you’ll find a few interviews, even more music, and some anime/gaming fun.

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-TPR Team

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