We’ve highlighted a number of our staff in years past and we think it’s time to highlight another. Since his addition six years ago, he’s been a valuable addition to the team and is the man behind more than a few of our iconic photos and covers that you’ve seen. That photographer is Hakim Wright.

Hakim is originally from New Jersey but has called ATL home since 2002. He’s a father, son, and active in his community of Jonesboro, GA. He’s a Navy veteran and graduate of Colorado Technical University. He earned his associates degree right before he started his journey with Atlanta-favorite Delta Airlines. His journey into photography began in 2007 and caught the attention of our Desmond Mclennon in 2013 at a press conference.

TPR Issue 23 Cover

Since he’s been with us, Hakim has shot everything from social events and food festivals to Falcons games and most recently the 2018 MLS Cup (where Atlanta United won the league championship in just their second season).

One of his first assignments with us was the coverage of Atlanta’s Caribbean Carnival. This was long before the well-publicized split when it was one gargantuan celebration of Caribbean greatness.

2013 Caribbean Carnival Hakim Bio

After that, he had his rounds with college football and basketball but it was his coverage of the 2014 Orange Bowl that earned him the title of “Lead Photographer.”

Hakim Bio Orange Bowl

Later in 2015, he would be “the guy” to shoot the red carpet at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. This was a big deal since he was 1 of only 300 people to shoot on the red carpet out of 25,000 photographers and out of the 300 allowed, he was one of only two black people.

Hakim Bio Cannes film festival

As you can see, his photos are high quality and he’s an overall fun guy to be around. If you need photography for any reason you can visit his website and/or follow him on Instagram.

Be sure to check our Facebook Page for all the best photos from our events.


-TPR Team

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