March features two sensational works highlighting the rich legacy and promising future of dance: Black Swan (Act III) and the world premiere of Remembrance/Hereafter.

Black Swan kicks off at the pivotal moment when Prince Siegfried mistakes Odile, the evil sorcerer Von Rothbart’s daughter, for his true love, Odette. For those unfamiliar with the story, Odile was put under a spell and needed a pledge of true love to break the spell. Things were looking good until Von Rothbart (Keith Reeves) interferes and tricks the prince into thinking his daughter was Odette (Jessica Assef).

Prince Siegfried was played by Nikolas Gaifullin and Jessica Assef received a standing ovation for her performance. I was also pleased to see the dynamic duo of Erica Alvarado and Sergio Masero-Olarte as Neopolitan (I wrote about their onstage chemistry last month in Don Quixote).

In Remembrance/Hereafter, a world premiere choreographed by Craig Davidson explores his highly personal ideas on transitions (physical, emotional, and spiritual). This performance was delivered to us in three sections. The first used physical images of bodies yielding to gravity, the second presented the afterlife with different couples embodying memories of the past, and the third was a celebration uniting those who have passed with those who are still alive.

Black Swan

For those of you who have yet to experience the Atlanta Ballet, you’re in luck. There are two performances left this season: Tu Tu & More and Bach to Broadway.

The 2018/19 season will begin this December with the debut of Atlanta Ballet’s new Nutcracker, followed by Return to a Strange Land, La Sylphide, Cacti, Sandpaper Ballet, and three world premieres from choreographers Liam Scarlett, Ricardo Amarante, and Yury Yanowsky. On top of that, their April program (2019) will be held at the new City Springs Performing Arts Center opening in Sandy Springs.

This season will finish strong with two performances left and before you know it we’ll be talking about expectations for the all-new Nutcracker.



-Jon J.

Photo: Gene Schiavone

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