Everything is Love with “On The Run II” Tour

What happens when you get Beyonce, Jay-Z and Atlanta together at Mercedes Benz Stadium? Love.

“Everything is LOVE” proclaims Jay Z to the sold out Atlanta audience. Let’s make it clear, it is no easy feat attending the concert when you have over 60,000 people, long purse-check lines, screaming fans, lots of chaos, a little frustration, killer outfits, and fans that go “Apes s***!”

Despite all of that, the crowd got what they came for with opening acts from Chloe x Halle and We da Best’s very own Dj Khaled. The husband/wife duo kicked off the show with Jay’s “Holy Grail” “Part II (On the Run)” and “03 Bonnie and Clyde.” Even though their target audience differs, the two manage to engage everyone through their love and onstage chemistry. The giant HD screens allowed the audience to see various videos (interludes) of the couples’ personal messages on love, relationships, and the feminist movement.

Throughout the evening, it was very clear that the couple was united and stronger than ever, leaving behind the past for only the gossip mongers to focus on. Beyoncé delivers some of her favorite hits along with her phenomenal dancers and all-female band. Jay-Z on the other hand, interacts with the audience and delivers some his fan-favorite classics.

One amazing element that makes OTR II to an epic success is the stage which is comprised of two catwalks independent of each other. By the end of the show, a giant bridge connected the two as they floated over the floor seated audience. In addition to the stage, the backdrop featured two giant HD screens which, during certain times of the show, split to show a four story structure (used for dancers, musicians and silhouettes).

Just when you think Atlanta has got their full share of The Carters, they go back at it again tonight. Same place, same time. You can find the schedule for the rest of the tour HERE.


-Desmond Mclennon

Photo: AUGUST 25: Beyonce and Jay-Z performs on the ‘On The Run II’ tour at Mercedes Benz Stadium on August 25, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Raven Varona/Parkwood/PictureGroup)

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