Last night, Sunday, Nov. 18, Drake wrapped up his 55-show “Aubrey and The Three Amigos Live!” tour at the all-new State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA.  The sold-out crowd of over 17,000 people experienced a full barrage of everything Drake over the last 10 years.

The tour kicked off in August to promote Drake’s double album “Scorpion”.  The concert began with 22-year-old Canadian Roy Woods performing songs off his album, “Say Less”.  Then to ignite the Atlanta crowd even more, ATL’s own trio Migos (Offset, Takeoff, and Quevo) from Lawrenceville took the stage and killed it with club banger’s such as, “Hannah Montana”, “Pipe It Up” and “Rick Flair Drip” to name a few.

With energy and anticipation high, Drake enters with an Austrian curtain shielding the stage.  This curtain displays video content of Drake’s silhouette as he gets the crowd going with his lyrics to “8 out of 10”.  When the curtain is lifted it reveals Drake and his epic video stage.  This stage was a collaboration between Drake’s creative team and Tait Towers.  The audio and visual elements throughout the night were simply incredible!

Couple that with Drake splitting the Arena in half, pitting the right side against the left side was simply genius. His way to hype up the crowd and entertain night after night, show after show, exemplifies his passion for his craft and love for his fans. Drake states, “I like this energy right here! Boy, I am EXCITED!!! One more thing I wanna get out of the way… BABY LOOK I SAID THIS THE OTHER NIGHT… THE SHOW JUST STARTED, I’M NOT READY FOR THESE YET (38D BRA ON THE STAGE)… IMMA PUT THAT ONE IN MY DRESSING ROOM.”

The final show was about Drake, his career, his fans, and us all moving forward to fulfill our destiny.  The amount of surprise guests performances was just insane and featured Lil Baby, Trey Songz, 21 Savage, BlocBoy JB, Jeezy and Future.  Not to mention a video tribute at the end of the show congratulating Drake on his tour which featured LeBron James, Lil Wayne, and Drake’s team.

“Atlanta, I want to thank you will all my heart!” Drake states after performing, “God’s Plan.” “We sold out this building three nights in a row. Each and every fan in here, I want you to remember tonight, I want you to remember tonight, because I am not gonna get a chance to go on stage and speak a while… look around and look at the people next to you and realize we got 17,000 people from all races, places, religions, and we are having a good (EXPLETIVE) time tonight!. I am proud of you all!”

The show concluded with all the artists and crew pouring numerous bottles of champagne on Drake and him promising that “I promise you, it nights like this that make me love what I do… after this I promise you, I don’t know how long it’s gonna take me but I am gonna go work on the best album you ever heard”


-Desmond Mclennon

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