As our “PEOPLE” series comes to a close, we’re delighted to share a group interview we took part in with TaLynn Kel. As you may (or may not) have seen, Momocon provided a vast array of guests representing various occupational fields as well as entertainment and music genres. We’ve had the privilege of interviewing actors, voice actors, animators, editors, YouTubers, and cosplayers. Today’s guest is a little bit of everything.

TaLynn uses her enjoyment of cosplay to examine social and structural issues of American culture through the lens of pop-culture fandom. She’s an author, cosplayer, educator, speaker, and an advocate for blacks in cosplay.

Let us know how you liked our “PEOPLE” series and which interview you enjoyed the most.

Interviewer: TBZ
Guest: TaLynn Kel
Location: Georgia World Congress Center (Momocon)
Photo/Video: Jon J.
Video Editing: X

-TPR Team

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