We are excited and ready for this year’s edition of Momocon, a homegrown convention that focuses on anime, gaming, and comics. In its infancy, Momocon started as a small gathering on Georgia Tech’s campus with just a few hundred people. Now it draws crowds of 35,000 and boasts four days of fun at the Georgia World Congress Center in Downtown Atlanta.

Year after year, Momocon continues to improve. It’s a great place to meet new friends, discover rare finds with vendors from all over the world, sample new video games, meet your favorite actors, and of course, enjoy the cosplay.

Super girl & Perfect Cell MOMOCON
Supergirl and Perfect Cell cosplays from Momocon 2018 (X/TPR)

If you’re looking for guests, you came to the right place. All of your faves from the most popular fandoms will be present.

Are you a fan of comics? Then get excited for Adam Bryce Thomas (Sonic the Hedgehog), Adam Nusrallah (Cyanide & Happiness), Greg Burnham (Tuskegee Heirs), Kyle Starks (Rick & Morty), and more!

More of a fan of animation and gaming? Well, there will be countless voice actors for you to meet this year! Estelle (Steven Universe), Deedee Magno (Steven Universe), Justin Briner (My Hero Academia), Keith Silverstein (Overwatch), Monica Rial (Dragon Ball Z Kai), Tony Anselmo (Donald Duck), Charles Martinet (Mario), and many more!

For the full schedule and list of guests and photoshoots, feel free to visit the official Momocon website HERE

We can’t wait to see you this year!


-TPR Team

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