Atlanta was treated to a stellar night of Praise/Worship, hope, and positive affirmations led by Joel and Victoria Osteen at State Farm Arena on Friday evening for “A Night Of Hope.”

Joel Osteen, a native of Houston, Texas, is the current senior pastor of the Lakewood Church and has been since 1999. Joined with his wife of over 30 years, Victoria, they shared the keys to attaining all things possible for those who believe.

Tips for a victorious life:

  1. How you start your day: Thank God for what you do have as opposed to what you do not have.
  2. Let every day be a new beginning: Let go of baggage. God can vindicate you better than you or anyone else.
  3. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made. Quit remembering what God has forgotten.

Both gave solid examples of strength and belief when challenges came about in their personal lives. They firmly believe in the concept of using your challenges to strengthen you and the crown on your head as the Queen and King God designed you to be. Ephesians 1:4-5.

Their son Jonathan spoke to the near-sellout crowd about utilizing the password God has for everyone which is “Thank You” (Gratitude) found in Psalm 100:4.

A Night Of Hope crowd (Joel Osteen)

Senior Pastor Osteen stressed the importance of the following:

  1. Preaching to 90 people is just as important as preaching to 90,000.
  2. You need both external and internal blessings.
  3. The option to talk yourself out of your dreams or talk yourself into your dreams

At the beginning and the end, Osteen stresses, “God is still in control.” He openly spoke on the loss of his father John (founder and pastor at Lakewood) as his darkest hour which turned into his brightest hour. The loss of his father made him realize that years of being the production editor for his father’s ministries trained him to lead the church and Lakewood’s expansive growth since 1999.

Joel Osteen in ATL

Other critical and life-changing components include:

  1. You’re not working under people your working under God. No darkness can keep you back.
  2. Walk into your own shoes and be yourself.
  3. Go out and fulfill your purpose. Nobody can beat you, being you.
  4. Step into your own anointing.
  5. Born to Win? Or born to lose

The evening concluded with powerful prayer led by Several Atlanta based pastor’s that included Dale C. Bronner (Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral), Travis Hall (Life Church International), Dr. Don Brawley (Canaan Land Church), and Steve Johnson (Eagles Nest Church).

Osteen shared these final steps to daily success:

  1. Find a good church
  2. Read your Bible
  3. Pray everyday

For more information on the Osteens or the “A Night Of Hope” tour schedule, visit their website.


-Desmond McLennon

Photos: Courtesy of Joel Osteen Ministries


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