Meet trap-pop musician/producer GHOS7 who is thrilled to release his new single “Break Em Down” along with the music video.

GHOS7 says, “Break Em Down is a fight song against all my self-doubt, fears and limitations.  It’s my way of telling them they can’t control me anymore.  I’ve prevailed and destroyed all those demons, and now I’m on top and I can tell my story.”

Conrank is continuing a triumphant 2020 with his latest release “Ooba”, his first single on Circus since “NO!” with Mersiv.

Recently, he caused an online stir with his “Rankfest” online festival, where he was four different headliners called Conrank, with different music and different outfits for each set, showing his versatility and flair.

Netherlands-based producer Deadcrow brings his dark, futuristic knob-twisting to Dim Mak via the dramatic New Noise debut, “Sorrow.”

Since arriving on Plastician’s Terrorhythm label in 2016 via the chilly, grime-soaked Night Wonder EP, Deadcrow has taken over the underground with his emotive sci-fi-inspired soundscapes. He’s been championed by the likes of Complex, Mixmag, and Noisey, and remains an influential figure in the wave music scene.

Paderborn, Germany indie/rock band KID DAD have announced that their debut album ‘In A Box’ will be released August 21 via Long Branch Records.

‘A Prison Unseen’ was many months in the making and is a testament to KID DAD’s attention to detail. The track is an immersive experience, undulating between a contemplative simplicity and a soaring, driving chorus featuring the catchiest of hooks. The breadth of expression within this single is carried throughout ‘In A Box’.

BVDLVD (pronounced ‘Badlad’) delivers his latest studio album ‘LUNATIC’ – available everywhere today via MOVES Recordings – jam-packed with his trademark abrasive concoction of trap, industrial metal, and hip hop, defining him as a true pioneer of the trap metal movement coming out of the UK.

Following a busy two years working on his first two albums ‘Project Jinchuriki’ and ‘BVDIDEA’, BVDLVD has gone from strength to strength. The 19-year old has gained a cult following that most artists could only dream of, a rabid worldwide audience that spans from the UK, to Russia, to the US.

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