Party Pupils’ anthemic bop “West Coast Tears (feat. Gary Go)” receives a series of remixes. San Francisco DJ Kue adds a flash of neon to his dance-worthy revision, while Max Styler leans into a deep house groove. The package is rounded out with a progressive VIP mix courtesy of Party Pupils themselves.
Known for their colorful dance music, Party Pupils (vocalist MAX and producer Suave Yung Blanc) have caught the world’s attention with their harmonious brand of funk and R&B-infused electronic music.

After months of teasing his musical shift on social media, Luca Lush is finally sharing a track from his speed house arsenal. “Afterglow” is the first track off Luca Lush’s forthcoming Speed House album, mixing bass house at an incredibly fast pace to produce a new genre altogether.  

“Afterglow” gives off Billie Eilish vibes with its haunting vocals. However, instead of pursuing the ghoulish ambiance, Luca throws a curveball with a strikingly fast house beat. Although Luca is initially recognized for his neck-breaking tracks, his experimentation in this new realm of music displays his creativity and versatility as a talented producer.

After teasing fans with numerous song releases this year, including his most recent track, ‘Better Now’, Man Cub has finally dropped his highly anticipated debut album Impressions on Enhanced Music. 

Over the last couple of years, Man Cub has increasingly made a name for himself in the dance music scene. While developing his emotionally-rich sound, Impressions showcases his transformation as a multi-faceted producer.

Max Styler’s anthemic single “Back To Me (feat. Jimmy Nevis)” receives a remix package. Saffron Stone gives the track a shuffling house makeover, while BRUX adds techno percussion under pitched up vocals, transforming the original into a leftfield banger.

The package is rounded out with the original single alongside a special reprise, that peels off layers of production, creating space for Jimmy Nevis’ uninhibited vocals to pop. These new remixes arrive following Styler’s own official remixes of Steve Aoki’s “1 4 U (feat. Zooey Deschanel) and Party Pupils’ “West Coast Tears (feat. Gary Go).”

Finn Matthews has released his new single “Low Key” and it’s a catchy vibe we think you’ll like.

Finn says, “With this song I wanted to make something simple and fun. In the midst of everything going on in the world, I think positive music is really important right now. A lot of my other music gives a deeper look into my life and my mind, but for this I just wanted to capture the beautiful feelings of being young and free.”

Safehold is an upcoming emo-pop/emo-rap artist from Chicago, IL who began experimenting with early releases on Soundcloud in 2017. Safehold’s upcoming album titled “Boyish” effortlessly blends emo and rap into a first-class debut, for fans of: Lil Peep, Iann Doir, & Lil Lotus.

‘Boyish’ is out now via Mutant League Records. Stream the new album here:

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