Finn Matthews’ debut album things I’ve been going thru, is out now along with the music video to his focus single “The One You Can’t Forget.” The album was also written and produced by Finn himself.

Finn says, “This project is inspired by a collection of feelings and experiences I’ve had over the past few years of living in LA and being an artist. Growing up is a crazy experience that’s always changing and I wanted to capture that dynamic in the music. This is only the beginning.”

Payback Records is pleased to present its first release of 2022: David Solomon’s “Heatwave,” featuring Robbie Jay.

With a groovy beat and smooth vocals from Robbie Jay, “Heatwave” is a warm slice of piano house that showcases Solomon’s clean and streamlined production. “Heatwave” encapsulates David’s evolution as a producer, as he continues to incorporate new musical influences—in this case, a funkier, UK-influenced sound.

“Lullaby” is the lead track for the new EP offering from Baker Grace, a 21-year-old pop songstress known for wearing her heart on her sleeve, crafting music that is striking and emotionally charged. 

This collection of four songs serves as the original soundtrack to the new film Last Survivors, starring Alicia Silverstone and Stephen Moyer, a post-apocalyptic thriller now in its theatrical release from Vertical Entertainment.

The Private Language, an immersive and offbeat artist duo made up of celebrated musician and singer Blake Lewis and KJ Sawka of Pendulum, are pleased to share their first release of the year “Afterglow.” 

With this smooth and evocative single, the project continues down a path of merging cutting-edge electropop, future funk, and indie sounds. The music video for “Afterglow” gives fans a look into the live performance that the guys have been working hard on – the duo performs with Blake on vocals, keyboards, and programming, and KJ on drums, percussion, and bass, of course with their signature eye and face adornments.

Riot Ten & BERNZIKIAL team up on the energy-bending single “GAWT DAT,” layering aggressive vocal chops with their infectious experimental bass. 

“GAWT DAT” opens with a pulsating drum beat and a clean build into a hypnotizing first drop of high frequencies and percussive textures. The drop evolves with each count into a rhythmic breakdown of electrifying instrumentals.

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