Maxwell, Anthony Hamilton, and Joe rock a sold-out State Farm Arena

On Saturday, March 19th, Maxwell’s The Night Tour came and conquered Atlanta like never before. Not only did the lines to enter wrap around State Farm Arena, but the arena was packed to the brim. It was noticeably sold out.

Maxwell’s 25 city tour features fellow R&B artists, Joe, and Anthony Hamilton. It was very clear that the ATL crowd would experience a night of musical magic by these three vocally gifted KINGS in their genres.

Joe, a native of Columbus, Georgia, is known for his hit songs, “I wanna know”, “All the Things”, and “More and More”. Popular hits from Anthony Hamilton include songs like, “Charlene”, “Her Heart”, “Coming From Where I”m From” and “Can’t Let Go”.

Joe did an amazing job in his 30 minutes with a medley of all of his popular songs with a powerful stage presence. The audience wanted more but eagerly waited for Anthony Hamilton. 

When it came time for Hamilton to take the stage, he did not disappoint. Everyone from the floor seats to the upper deck was dialed in. I personally was not prepared for his rendition of the Luther Vandross classic, “Don’t You Remember/Superstart/Until You Come Back”, which is a feature on his recent album titled, Love is the New Black.  Hamilton stated, “ATL has really been supportive of my career. Everyone from Jermaine Dupri and all of the greats… I appreciate you all.”

After a brief intermission and some throwback tunes to keep the crowd alive, it was time for Maxwell to have his moment.

Maxwell -born and raised in Brooklyn, New York- brought the fire to the stage (literally) and had the arena on their feet as he began the night with the still popular song, “Sumthin’ Sumthin”.  His style, energy, and fashion are still put together. Equipped with a banging band and background vocalists, Maxwell was ready to party.  “The Show – You have 3 black men in the house tonight to celebrate all you ladies and to hook up some brothers that need a little help!” he stated. “But I want to shout out the Black women… Come on… Take a minute… Let’s take a minute to focus on the Black Women… Atlanta!”

It was a night to remember, even outside of the music. The event signified a moment, a step in the direction of pre-COVID normalcy, but also to celebrate past times through music. If you attend The Night Tour, prepare for your mind, body, and soul to be uplifted. 

The Night Tour across North America is in partnership with the Black Promoters Collection – the preeminent coalition of African American independent promoters. For more details on Maxwell – The Night Tour visit M A X W E L L

-Desmond Mclennon

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