Hello world! We have lots of great news to share. We’re going to try our best and see if we can get everything in chronological order (keyword “try” lol).

First off, our brunch with Angie & Lauren, the dynamic duo in Kennesaw’s Music & Entertainment Business Program, went great! These 2 young ladies present a feeling of refreshment when thinking of the future. Both are hardworking and focused on their similar but very different goals. When they explained what was taking place in their program, it was the type of innovative, exciting, information that made me want to go back to school…..in that program of course lol. We were very impressed and excited to learn more about them, for example:
-Angie balances a life of being a mother, a wife, an employee, and a student. Then when she isn’t juggling all of that, she’s also an intern!
-Lauren balances school, work, and interning. All the while making time for her music and perfecting her craft.
 Their story is definitely one to read! It’s always great to see young people presenting you their hopes and dreams, but listing the steps they’ve taken to achieve them as well! 

Next up we have the amazing Hayley Tarkenton. Now some of you may not know who I’m talking about, but anyone who is into sports (specifically football) has an idea of where that last name comes from 🙂  Fran Tarkenton is a Hall of Fame Quarterback in the NFL and played for the Minnesota Vikings. So just like most sports fans can acknowledge the last name, we’d like to acknowledge the first. Because all to often family members’ talents and success are overshadowed by the original starlet that highlighted the last name to begin with. In this case, we’re using Hayley. I specifically wanted to talk to her because she is a child of so much success but if you took away her last name would you know ANYTHING about her? I’ve spoken with her a few times and I can tell you that she has an extremely kind soul that’s just oozing with personality and creativity! So we are looking forward to sharing her story with you in our first issue 🙂

Also to come, we’re going to get some fitness tips with the beautiful Lauren Kanner. She has a ton of knowledge to share with everyone (including her favorite supplements, routines, etc) plus we’ll get to show you why she likes Atlanta and how the fitness scene is shaping up around here! 

Within the next few days we’re going to chat with another Hall of Fame athlete. (Shaking finger) DIKEMBE MUTOMBO! Now be honest, did you know that all of these amazing people lived in Atlanta? 🙂 That’s why we’re here! Dikembe is another kind person in the frame of a 7’2″ Center. He is an extremely gentle, loving guy with a heart that overshadows his tall, slender frame. You want a good example of his kindness? He built a $20 million hospital in his home country of Congo DRC with his OWN MONEY! He has expressed how important it is to give back and that to whom much is given, much is expected. He has many accomplishments and holds positions that we ourselves were clueless on. We know you’ll enjoy that story as well.

Finally….. last but definitely not least, we’re going to the HOUSE! House of Representatives that is:) That’s right, we have a chance to sit in on a Republican Chambers Meeting! and we already have at least 1 interview setup with House Rep Joseph Wilkinson (R) of Sandy Springs, GA! We are going to get a chance to see how a meeting goes in the chambers and share it with our readers. We are very anxious to find out what will take place! Plus the Governor, Lt. Governor, and other Republican representatives will be present and we’ll get a chance to speak with all of them.


Whew, was that everything? (pauses)….. Yes we think so lol We know that’s a lot information in one post but then again we haven’t posted in a little over a week. So hopefully this has quenched your intellectual thirst! We look forward to bringing you more exciting stories and interviews and we’ll post new findings to our blog as soon as they come. We hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


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