Hello everyone-

Our Wednesday was quite a long hump day indeed. Our day started at the Capitol building in downtown Atlanta. TPR graced the halls of congress while the Georgia House of Representatives were in session. It was a historic day and we’re grateful for the experience. So while sitting upstairs in the public viewing area we watched while the Chamber came to order. To start things off Republican Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich approached the podium to a standing ovation. After he gave a brief speech, the next speaker was the President of Kia (and we found out its the first time anyone from Korea was invited & attended a House session in the state of Georgia). After they were dismissed we went downstairs to the main floor & watched various proposals pass.

The adventure continued today as we confirmed a set date for our Dikembe Mutombo interview. We mentioned it before but we couldn’t lock a date until he returned from out of town. We are very excited to get a chance and share his story with our readers!

Last but not least, the day ended at Frank Ski’s Restaurant & Lounge. We spoke to Frank Ski himself & he agreed to meet with us again & talk to him about his restaurant. Frank Ski is a staple in Atlanta radio and has committed a lot of his time to the community and Atlanta’s youth.

We have more stories and updates to come! We hope everyone had a good hump day! 🙂


p.s.- for those that don’t know, hump day refers to the middle of the week. Once you’re over the hump, it’s pretty much the weekend!:)








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