Hey everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Here we have compiled a little list of things to do around Atlanta that are absolutely free. That’s right, FREE. Everyone likes free, so we thought we’d mention a few things that you may want to look into if you live here or if you plan on paying a visit! 🙂

1) Museums on Us!-  On the first full weekend of every month, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch cardholders have the opportunity to visit (at no charge) more than 150 popular cultural landmarks taking part in Museums on Us. Now in Atlanta, those landmarks/museums are: The Atlanta History Center and the High Museum. Simply show your Bank of America or Merrill Lynch card and your in!

2) Atlantic Station- There’s so much to do here that it earned its own zip code! Atlantic Station is located on the western edge of Midtown and boasts a 138 acre live-work-play environment. With outdoor shopping, 2 parks, a Regal Stadium seating movie theatre, The Twelve hotel, apartments, lofts, townhouses, and over 13 restaurants, Atlantic Station truly has everything to offer. They even have “the charge spot” which is a free charging station for electric cars and your first 2 hours of parking are free!

3) Martin Luther King Historic Site- Come and see where the most notable civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is laid to rest at the MLK Historic Site. Located in the Sweet Auburn district (which is located downtown), you can see everything from where he lived to the legendary Ebenezer Baptist Church. Here the admission and the parking are both free, so when you visit you can truly take your time and soak up all of the history that’s waiting for you!

4) Federal Reserve Bank Money Museum- This is located in downtown Atlanta on aptly named Peachtree Street (once you come here, you’ll notice we take ‘the peach state’ very seriously lol). By exploring an exhibit of historical artifacts, you’ll discover the fascinating story of money from barter to modern times. You’ll also learn about the turbulent history of banking in America and see examples of rare coins and currency. After touring the museum, experience the rest of the Visitors Center, where interactive and multimedia exhibits provide in-depth lessons on the role of the Federal Reserve in the U.S. economy

5) The Georgia State Capitol- Enter a building where history about Georgia is at every turn! You can find beautiful artwork and amendments in one area and find the busts of the trailblazers of this city from long ago. When you see pictures of former mayors, innovators, and residents, you’ll notice they coincide with different counties and streets (ex: there are 2 statues of Mr. Gwinnett and Simpson. There is a Gwinnett County and a Simpson road here in Atlanta). You are free to go about as you wish and even sit in the public gallery upstairs of the House of Representatives and the Senate while they’re in session. You can learn a lot about the lawmaking process and see it live in the same building, all for free.

6) The Governor’s Mansion- Located on West Paces Ferry (in the Buckhead district) you can tour the Governor’s Mansion and get a feel of what it’s like to run Georgia for a day! The house covers 24,000 sq. ft. and has 30 rooms. Lester Maddox was the first governor to live there, followed by Jimmy Carter, George Busbee, Joe Frank Harris, Zell Miller, Roy Barnes, Sonny Perdue, and now, Nathan Deal.

There are literally TONS of things to do here at no cost! We must be honest though, most events like festivals and outdoor events are more prominent in the spring time. So parties and festivals are just now starting to arise. But the great thing about Atlanta is there’s a party everyday. Once you go to one, you’ll see flyers for a clam festival the next week, or a beer festival the following day. Between now and the month of June you can look forward to the 12th Annual Bluebirds & Bluegrass Festival, Hysterical Events Comedy Show, Salsa Fest 2012, Spring Festival on Ponce, and much much more!

We’ll keep finding more fascinating things to do, and you just keep coming back 🙂



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