Good morning everyone! We hope you had a great St. Patricks day! 🙂 now that international “unhealthy drink consumption day” is over, now you can focus on your health goals 🙂

I commend Atlanta for it’s attempts for creating a healthier city. With more health food stores popping up left and right and countless gyms all over the city, Atlanta yearns to break it’s current mold as one of the more unhealthier states in the south.  There are more organic/healthy options now than ever. But it isn’t it interesting that if you want to eat fast food you can spend less than $5 on a meal but if you want to eat healthy a complete meal may cost you $6-$10 or more? With that being said I wanted to highlight a gym that’s within everyone’s budget AND it’s 24hrs.

That’s right, Workout Anytime. Everything about this gym is in the name. You can literally Workout Anytime. They have over 20 locations in Atlanta, making it convenient to find one no matter what side of the city you may find yourself. They offer affordable personal training and each gym has a special offer that differs from the other. One gym may offer Chiropractic services while another may have a tanning bed. At $15 a month and no contract, I really can’t see any gym beating this one for what you get for your money.

A lot of people are self conscious with so many people being in a gym and don’t want people staring. If that’s you, then this gym is for you because it is a small outfit, but quite effective for what you’re paying for. All treadmills & bikes have big screen TV’s within view, a free weight area, a machine area, and an aerobic area as well. I told them that I didn’t believe in giving a business my credit card account to keep on file, you know what they said? “That’s fine just pay the $15 yourself every month.” At that very moment I knew this gym was for me….

If you’re new to fitness and exercising that’s ok. There are plenty of health magazines for men and women to help get you started, and gyms are everywhere. I’d say if you are trying to exercise on a budget you might want to look into Workout Anytime. Don’t aim for good health and getting in shape for the summer, do it for life! 🙂


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