The most commonly used phrase we hear around town is “I/we never had allergies until we moved here too Atlanta.” So we can honestly say there’s 1 not so good thing we can say about Atlanta 🙂

I don’t know if you’ve seen the news? But you know something is awry when most cities in America have a pollen count of low or 90, and you are looking at “Extremely High” and above 4,000? I mean is that even possible? 1/2 of local residents sound stuffed up or congested right now. The crazy thing is it caught everyone off guard because it came a month early!

Normally mother nature blooms & flexes her muscles in April, but this year she started mid March! When we say it’s bad? It’s REALLY bad. The makers of Claritin & Zyrtec could make their fortune off of Atlantans over spring! We’re talking yellow roof tops, streets, cars, it even gets clunked into some people’s hair! Just today I had to clean off my cell phone once every 5 minutes while chatting with a small business owner. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. We hope the rest of you around the world feel for us AND our allergies this spring! These pictures were taken this morning.

Please beware if you have bad allergies, you may start sneezing from the very sight of all this pollen! Enjoy your day & excuse us! (achoo!)





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