That’s not a typo either. Not “kannibus” or a “kan of juice” or “kan we all jus get along.” Kanjus is the newest product from the owners of Jajavy that acts as a digital punch card. Today I was able to meet with the creators of Kanjus, Matt Wilczynski and Jayraj Jog to learn more about this new mobile web application.

What they’re bringing to the table is going to change the “daily deals” phenomenon as we know it. Why you may ask? because it’s BETTER than a daily deal. Here’s how it works:

1) You visit the website and register

2) You make a purchase from a participating merchant (for right now the merchants are local)

3) You start up the mobile web app on your phone/tablet

4) The merchant will punch your card on your mobile device (QR block)

and there you have it. It’s like the promotions that food merchants normally have where you buy a certain number of sandwiches or desserts and you eventually get 1 free, except this is where Kanjus sets itself apart. You can share your punch card on Facebook and Twitter AND your friends can punch your cards as well! So let’s say theoretically you’re working towards 30% off your next purchase at a clothing store, but you need 12 punches in order to get there. You may have 1 punch, but if you share your card on Facebook, and 8 of your other friends shop at the same place and use your card, you ALL get credit! In fact, if 11 of your friends get 1 punch each on top of your first one? You’ve already met the 12 punches needed for the 30% off discount. But the best part is you AND all your friends that punched the card get the savings! How cool is that?

It’s like the referral programs that you might have seen that are setup with Groupon and other social savings sites, except with this you receive recompense MUCH quicker. Plus it’s more fun because you can share with your friends and your friends can benefit as well. It’s a great product where you can honestly say “everybody wins.”

A great product available now a few innovative minds at Georgia Tech. You can learn more about them by visiting here: Kanjus

We look forward to bringing you their story!


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